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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year Zest for Best

“New Years Eve is not about the coming Year,
It’s about enjoying exalted cheer,
And challenges us to picture triumph
As the only preferential penchant,
And while setting New Years sights almighty ‘highly’,
And keeping mind-sets from the high and mighty,
We embrace the yearly, personal tests
With ever passion and zest for best!!” JM

Monday, December 27, 2010

Goosed Holidays

“Geese are noisy and very petulant.
Forcing their voices, they are most persistent,
With spreading the latest in barnyard talk,
And they do it, endlessly, with a tiresome squawk.
Creating a tumultuous atmosphere there,
Geese fuss around with fracas and flare.
Scurrying turbulently, the whole family in tow,
Geese are always putting on a commotion show,
And, all the while, just voicing 'goosed' opinions,
As to who should do 'what a’ and in ‘which a’ dominion?
It is surely none of their business really,
As the farmer is master in decision dealings,
But it does add spice to the barnyard life,
As no other animal offers such unswerving strife,
So Geese are the busy bodies in the crowd
And they even squawk HAPPY HOLIDAYS hefty and loud”. JM

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christ Child

"That once a child on earth did reign,
Christmas comes ev’ry year again.
Coming from highest tent in the stars,
Brings Joy and Hap'ness to all the world.
The children celebrate happy the day,
Where Christ child in the crib did lay.
The Christmas lights are all around,
Wake ringing bells and organ sound.
Christ child does come to rich and poor,
All people are to HIM so very pure.
Thank HIM then fine and praise HIM above,
For you, HE offers so very much love." JM

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bunnies' Sundry & Full-bodied Holiday Gleez

“Bunnies have bushels…and bushels…. and bushels…..of children,
More than ever would be thought of by you in a million,
So that is why bunnies are not at all neat,
‘Cause there are just too many little bunny feet
Scampering around in the tiny bunny hut,
Driving their mother understandably ‘nuts,’
With all of those things that little bunnies crave,
But Mom’s discipline is strict, so her bunnies behave.
And now that the Holidays are almost upon us,
Our bunny Mom scuttles with her seasonal fussiness,
And, while she invents her tiny bunny festivities,
With all sorts of plump bunny proclivities,
The bunny hut is even more in disarray,
But, none-the-less, offering a copious display,
And what with the impish and merry spirit within,
With Mom and bunnies bountifully ‘swooped up’ therein,
They offer everyone their rich bunny experteez,
Not the least of which are gifts of sundry, full-bodied Holiday Gleez!”

Friday, December 03, 2010

Advent Season Renewed

"The season of Advent is now beginning.
A season filled with anticipation of Christmas blessings,
And the songs of Maria experience new singing,
Like blankets spread throughout Worlds in treasured bonding." JM

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