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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reflexions on June 25

Talent is a gift from an Almighty power and the circumstance and ability to express that talent is a gift to an Almighty power!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Verdi in Verdi's Own Country - Spiritual Identity

Verdi sung in Italy, and Verdi's own native earth, ignites in the Italian audiences an uncanny identification with their own communal spirit. No holds barred! Absolutely none! And Verdi's uncanny technical understanding of the human voice and ingenuity and canny understanding of the expression of human emotion, to say nothing of his radar for sending a message, are greatest exemplified in Verdi's operas. Just pick one! And, what greater opera than Verdi's Requiem? What greater libretto than a mass? I savor Verdi's delicious serving of vocal challenge amidst the healthiest of artistic and musical palates. To again be singing Verdi, this time in northern Italy, is a natural and high wire experience. Really icing on the veritable cake, and I do love that stunning cake!

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