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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bach & Liturgical

In organizing my upcoming anthology book, to be published in the coming weeks, by Oxford University Press, I am very interested and touched that Bach, who wrote endlessly to liturgical texts and perfected counterpoint and fugue beyond which no composer has ever been able to exceed, contributed-upon entering the musical science society, Mitzler Society-a set of canonic variations on the Christmas hymn, “Vom Himmel hoch" (From Heaven High). Bach apparently aspired to individually honoring Christmas, while exhibiting his overriding inventions. He was clearly a boy after my own heart. I love the idea of honoring Christmas in every form, shape, and size, as well, with individuality of expression!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Try, Try Again

Bertrand Russell once said, "What's the worst that can happen? You can fail! So then, you pick yourself up, rethink and regroup, and try again."
Whether in love, in business, in diet, or whatever, it is the understanding that "try, try again" has real validity. Trying a first time is just the beginning, not the ending! There is something to be said for the adage:
"Success is about how much rejection one can endure."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Translations in Poetry

"Singing translations" are, as one might guess, translations that one can sing, in rhyme. That is, the prerequisites of "singing translations" are original to translations, per se, as "singing translations" need to fit the specifics of a composer's musical format, while also complimenting-in meaning and text rhythm and rhyme-the original poet's poetry. As opposed to simple translations, "singing translations" are actually translations in poetry.
I have just completed many "singing translations," which will be listed along with the original languages in my upcoming anthology-to be published in July, by Oxford University Press. Should a singer, therefore, wish to sing in English, as opposed to the five original foreign languages offered by the diverse master poets and master composers, he or she may sing my "singing translations."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Experience

In thinking about circumstance, I think about prayer and the expectations of it for oneself and others. I feel prayer is not necessarily meant as a route to achieve the things desired, as if turning a knob or opening a door-albeit one surely connects to a spiritual power source in thoughtful prayer. Moreover, prayer is about letting go of those things to which we are bountifully attached, including fear and, if you will, desire, in order to find a way to connect to a spiritual power source. Prayer is an "experience" and, in that, we release the "thought out" and rest in the nature and essence of the spiritual. It is about a relaxed change in ourselves, not about altering the world of circumstance. That is, prayer is not only about isolated individuality, but also a chance to belong to and to experience the amazement of a universal life force, personally as well as communally. In this, it is very possible that we open doors to ourselves, to others and to new circumstance, and can experience change through the facets of grace.

Friday, June 20, 2008


The luxury of being in touch with ones passion is surely communing with the purity of soil, from which come the fruits of the soul's fulfillment-, not the least of which is understanding trust!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Leader

The fundament of successful leadership brings with it several ingredients, not the least of which is understanding the use of time and the ability to create and follow a vision.
Knowledge brings with it a comfortable feeling of 'oneness with the world,' surely part of a leader's tools, and it also opens doors to a feeling of tolerance with respect to responsibility, expectation, and endurance of success.
A desire and a plan for the innovatively out-of-the-ordinary is a leader's high priority, as well as simply getting the job done. But always present is a trust that the motivation of oneself and of others to achieve is a natural ally.
A true leader wields power, though not through an obtuse manipulation of others for personal gain out of a 'control or competition fanaticism,' rather through a true intention and global satisfaction in seeing success in others, always looking at the 'greater picture. This is human-quality-substance of the highest integrity!

Monday, June 09, 2008


While in Europe's land of summer, and, while 'circling the globe in flight all the night, this little ditty probed my thoughts with delight':
"Now summer is hot,
Whether you like it or not,
And summer means beaches
And that means tight breeches,
With bodies all trim,
Toned up and quite slim.
Full of smiles of esteem,
In the Sun’s happy gleam,
Each flaunts his own stuff,
Sometimes showing the buff,
But relaxed and quite free,
As it really should be,
Because less is a bummer,
Than enjoying this hummer,
And the ways and the plays
of the jolliest days
Of a 'gleeful' and meaningful summer.” JM

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Expressed Vernacular in Performance

The Parma, Brescia, Milano countryside areas have a relaxed, perfumed sweetness, while one leaves focus on noble and beloved Verdi and gets down and dirty with slang in recital performance and associated master class - at the end of the week - weekend.
Being transported into the sculpted countryside, one experiences a clue into the lap of each town and its individual expression. The hues of location offer a palate of clues into the verbal vernacular, so colorfully and diversely captivated by so many of the world's great creators. Surely worth delving into in performance. What fun!

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