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Monday, July 30, 2007

Verdi Nabucco "Abigaille Scene"

Update, for those interested:
On the AUDIO (sound clips) page of Janemarsh.com, the Nabucco (Abigaille) recitativo and the bel canto aria sections have recently been added to the heroic cabaletta section, previously posted. This now completes the Abigaille scene. The downloading time for this complete scene concerned me, so I first posted the "showy" cabaletta section only. Due to many request e-mail, I have now included the recitativo and aria sections to the cabaletta, in three distinct sound clips.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ned Rorem's Song, "Youth, Day, Old Age & Night"

I recently added four new and "live" sound clips to the Audio (sound clips) page of my website. Among them one of composer Ned Rorem's best songs, to my way of thinking, "Youth, Day, Old Age & Night" (poem Walt Whitman). The atmospheric noblesse created by Ned Rorem is noteworthy and special. I programmed this Rorem song with a wonderful Poulenc song, "Yoyage à Paris", what with Rorem's years in Paris and his great admiration for composer Francis Poulenc.
In addition to the above are two Joseph Marx songs (very like Richard Strauss' soaring vocal bigness). The latter two celebrate the "2007 Marx Year"...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

SUMMER Performnces in Italy & France

Singing Verdi, whether the Requiem and/or opera, as I did recently in Italy, is icing on the cake. The audience knows every word. Great involvement with artist and public. I love it and every time I sing Italian works in Italy, I always feel as though the public is right up there with me. One has a similar feeling in Russia.
I included Joseph Marx songs in my recital program in France this time. This year of 2007 is a 'Marx Year' and the French public was very enthusiastic about this composer, who is new to them. I have included a couple of 'live' Marx songs on the Audio (sound clips) section of my website, for updated interest. I substituted Marx for Strauss, which works well (the next best to singing Strauss songs are those of Marx). The rest of the recital consisted of Russian composers, including, but not exclusively, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, Italian Liszt and French Respighi. A big singing recital program and greatest fun.
Further recitals and Master Classes postponed until next July 2008 in Austria. More on these later.
Gerd Ohlssen was a marvelous recital partner this year and a personal Verdi opera and Requiem audience critic for me. I felt in 'mother's lap'...

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