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Thursday, March 20, 2008


"Wolves are really dogs of the wild,
Intense and cunning, they are not very mild,
But they love the family and just to commune,
A custom to which humans should more strongly attune,
And, as Wolf babies are raised by the pack 'aunties' too,
There is always a babysitter when things are to do,
So the Wolves run the wilds, mostly in packs,
Cornering their prey before they move 'in' for attack,
And it seems to us that this is really quite cruel,
But it is their way and they must live by their rules,
Plus, it shows us how they help each other out,
Always communal effort, with a designated scout,
A designated leader, chosen by the whole group,
Who acts on its behalf and his own behalf to boot.
And when the leader cannot contribute his own stack,
He is ousted completely from the rest of the pack,
And must go it alone, making a life for himself,
Which shows his own strength, a gift in itself,
And sometimes that way he proves again his own worth,
And another pack asks him to fill out its girth,
So it proves the saying: ‘May the very best win,’
And Wolves clearly show this, with their pack rules therein." JM

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