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Monday, February 18, 2008

Addiction in Perfectionism

Perfectionism is an addictive idea. Getting an A on a test, for example, is so all important. Enjoyment is threatened to status. Both are possible, but one gets obscured in the addiction.
Fortunately, nobody seems to be born a perfectionist, so it is possible to recover from this addiction and still achieve goals, experience success, and thrive with enjoyment.
The perfectionist tends to see in life that which is lacking, needs correcting, is flawed, and Perfectionism threatens to break your heart, literally, if you overstress massively, to say nothing of all the hearts around you.
The beautiful essence of an act is lost to the wind, as all that appears important is the kill, the win, the high number...But the worst symptom of all is the perfectionist's lack in seeing the difference between "love" and "approval."
Could this be the "heart" of the matter?!

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