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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Discussion Responsibility

The tone of a discussion takes on an organic quality always, and it will evolve in whatever way it needs to evolve. If you think too far ahead, you will keep yourself from communicating, and that is counterproductive.
Those people who naturally emit a strong sense of joy-if you will, effervesence-can carry a mood and conversation, and instill an attractiveness into it, and into a conversation partner, with their focused and attentively caring positivism.
Enormously winning, as well, is finding oneself in the midst of a good listener. Listening is a basic way to connect with another person. Caring attention, whether flowing or still, is the most powerful thing we can give each other. It's even possible to find the former and later qualities, and quantities, in one individual, and it's up to that individual to fine tune the energy output according to the discussion partner. A responsibility worth taking, considering the gift.

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