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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


In reflecting on the potency of recital teamwork, I come back to the thinking that a singer and accompanist teamed in the rhythm of great poetry and the style and color of great musical composition can really exemplify an artistic and spiritual marriage, which can touch not only the listener, but can also open a path for the singer and the accompanist, together, to rejoice in a unique expression of love. The sung word is surely not to be underestimated in its primal impact, and for those who ponder, it is actually widely thought that,
The written word would have the continual and constant impact,
And that the spoken word would have an even greater eternal reach,
But it is the sung word, which has the strongest, most active, deepest, and far reaching vibration.
Singing touches, molecularly, the deepest soul of the universe, caresses and embraces its life.
This, combined with teamed artistry and a heavenliness of exceptional vocal beauty, can create an expression of majesty and enlightened love.

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