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Sunday, March 16, 2008


"In the spring Bears want to be at their best,
So in the winter Bears like to take a long rest,
And to themselves a while they do keep,
Those Bears, then, really very, very fast asleep.
Motionless, and all steeped in high snow,
Those Bears, therefore, don’t even show
A face or nose, or the scariest pose,
But then, suddenly, and quite fast
Those Bears are all ‘slept out’ at last,
And then they come quite quickly looking
For someone’s nice and very tasty cooking.
Eager, and very much in the mood,
To get quantities and quantities of scrumptious food,
And feeling, actually, a little bit beat,
After such a long and very ‘fasting’ sleep,
Those Bears are really not mannerly at all,
Quite, in fact, rather frighteningly cruel,
As then they sniff out their newly found eats,
‘Wolfing them down, ’ like 'Easter Bunny' treats.” JM

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