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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


“Horses are regal and quite sleek,
Loyal, but not really meek,
Though, preferring their own kind,
They’re not opposed if they find,
That they have to be ridden
By Father, Mother and children.
Loping down the wide trails,
High winds lifting their tails,
They are happy when one
With their family in fun,
Then they pause for a rest
And, if luck serves them best,
At a clear and lush lake,
Where they all can partake
In apples with pulps,
And water in gulps
And a picnic full of surprise.
Then revitalized,
And without much surprise,
They give thanks they’re alive,
Then they go for a swim,
With much splashing and vim,
Just charging the lake,
Horses also partake,
In the greatest display,
Of the greatest of days,
Then home they all go,
Horses, family in toe,
And it’s back to their digs,
House and barnyard with pigs,
Horses happy as pie,
To be able to lie
Upon piles of fresh straw,
On which sometimes they gnaw." JM

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