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Friday, March 21, 2008


"Giraffes are statuesque and very tall,
Quite the towering creatures over all,
And it’s easy for them to eat off the treetops,
As often the trees stop at their very knee tops,
Making Giraffes quite honestly more complete,
As other animals simply cannot compete,
Plus, there’s a gentleness that all Giraffes do have,
Ever protecting themselves and their very young calves,
As they lope along in the rather hot sun,
Jaunting and prancing and having such fun,
Always with a glint of when to slow down
To graze awhile, so their babies can lounge,
And, though Giraffes are aware that lions might abound,
Giraffes are so tall lions are seldom around,
And Giraffes have a coloring that is impressive too,
With lots of brown spots against a yellowish hue,
Creating interest and, in additional to their size,
Giraffes have the biggest, most extraordinary eyes,
And this makes magnificence in stunning extremes,
So quite the reason to accept that, which does seem
To be living proportions, really massive in glory,
Displaying a unique presence, which tells a unique story,
And then one notes the walk of these creatures,
Mannequin-like and majestic in their magmanimous features.” JM

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