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Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Experience

In thinking about circumstance, I think about prayer and the expectations of it for oneself and others. I feel prayer is not necessarily meant as a route to achieve the things desired, as if turning a knob or opening a door-albeit one surely connects to a spiritual power source in thoughtful prayer. Moreover, prayer is about letting go of those things to which we are bountifully attached, including fear and, if you will, desire, in order to find a way to connect to a spiritual power source. Prayer is an "experience" and, in that, we release the "thought out" and rest in the nature and essence of the spiritual. It is about a relaxed change in ourselves, not about altering the world of circumstance. That is, prayer is not only about isolated individuality, but also a chance to belong to and to experience the amazement of a universal life force, personally as well as communally. In this, it is very possible that we open doors to ourselves, to others and to new circumstance, and can experience change through the facets of grace.

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