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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Verdi's Monastery

It is not a secret that my career statement is strongly associated with Russia, and I do love the Russians and their far-reaching and innovatively creative musical and generally artistic facets. I also have a particular affinity for the Italians, particularly Verdi and Verdi's operas, including his unmatched "Requiem." Verdi's writing and understanding of the voice is medicine for the voice-even the notorious vocal demands of "Nabucco" or "Attila." It is, however, the spiritual element in his opera "La Forza del Destino" that is so present in this piece, and so addictive. The story of this opera seems far-fetched, and yet Verdi's melodic fantasy and musical savvy supercedes all ability to fathom. Verdi created a vessel striking in majesty and glorious grace. Performing this work, soon in Italy, I'm sure to be again swept up in the spiritual commitment of the experience. Quite literally like entering a monastery.

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