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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Leader

The fundament of successful leadership brings with it several ingredients, not the least of which is understanding the use of time and the ability to create and follow a vision.
Knowledge brings with it a comfortable feeling of 'oneness with the world,' surely part of a leader's tools, and it also opens doors to a feeling of tolerance with respect to responsibility, expectation, and endurance of success.
A desire and a plan for the innovatively out-of-the-ordinary is a leader's high priority, as well as simply getting the job done. But always present is a trust that the motivation of oneself and of others to achieve is a natural ally.
A true leader wields power, though not through an obtuse manipulation of others for personal gain out of a 'control or competition fanaticism,' rather through a true intention and global satisfaction in seeing success in others, always looking at the 'greater picture. This is human-quality-substance of the highest integrity!

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