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Monday, May 26, 2008

Exemplary Aloneness

I am reminded of one's necessity to endure aloneness, as I focus on the character facets of Leonora in Verdi's opera, La Forza del Destino. In Leonora's case, her aloneness is a self-imposed prison of exile, and, if you will, a self abuse-due to the guilt she feels with familial circumstances in which she was involved, and the accidental death of her father. Never-the-less, Leonora's personal endurance, and her continual focus upon her own story, without deviation, is surely the self-imposed abuse she seeks, and it shows us all her unwavering trust in her unbeknownst strength at enduring isolation. In this way, it is an example to us all. The ability to be alone, self-imposed or not, is a major step in building a staircase to character strength. We all can learn from Leonora's story.
Additionally, the infinite vocal and spiritual heights and depths to which Verdi takes Leonora, carry her beyond earthly awareness, and at times describe her anguished soul, while also empowering it and the souls of her listeners. This work crosses boundaries. It is a sanctioned gift of lyrical genius!

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