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Friday, February 08, 2008

Extraordinary Craft & Communication

In focusing on a book, recently given me, about the great opera singing actress, Astrid Varmay, I am drawn to a thought about communication in general. The extraordinary can be communicated extraordinarily. Speaking as well as doing is a big asset.
Extraordinarily high level creative artists often speak an artistic language, off-stage, as it were, which is exclusive to few. But if you can "tune into" them and their world, you are in the midst of a gold mine of incredibly satisfying learning material. Such high-level types talk in the stratospheres and many do not communicate easily and simply to the average John Doe, and often the challenge to do so is parochial to this level of creator. Moreover, their communication "thinking-tools" are bolted high for the average guy. They speak, so to say, "doctor talk" unwittingly. Seldom can such an individual get genuinely "uncomplicated," when communicating about his craft, often leaving part of the world out. If such an extraordinary individual also has the ability to get extraordinarily simple in dialogue about himself and the tools of his craft, watch out, because an incredible glory can be born!

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