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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Before the Passion

"Oh, if you had wanted this,
you should not have come forth
from a woman’s body:
Saviors should be mined for
in the mountains,
where one breaks the hard from the hard.

Are you not sorry yourself
to devastate the valley so dear to you?
Look at my weakness.
I have nothing more than milk and brooks of tears,
but you were always more than I.

With such commotion you were promised me!
Why did you kick so wildly out of me, so immediately,
If you need only to have tigers tear you apart now?

Why was I reared in the Womens’ House,
to weave a pure, soft garment for you,
in which not the slightest trace of a seam
could press upon you?

This was my complete life,
and now you reverse nature." JM

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