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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Advent Weeks to Epiphany

As we know, the meaning of Advent is 'in preparation' and Epiphany is the day Jesus was 'revealed' and 'manifested' to the Three Wise Men and to the world. I have preoccupied myself with the theme of Advent and Epiphany for some time, and, in my adoration of Christmas, I have sought out delicious, often lesser known, song repertoire, which, during my world travels, I have included into some of my themed recitals. I find the international public response, whether in Vienna, Brescia, Nice, Como, or Düsseldorf..., to be enthusiastic interest in hearing wonderful works from various composers and poets, often having won fame for other creations of theirs. Some countries of our Western World observe the journey from the Advent Weeks to Epiphany on different dates, but the love and spiritual devotion is none-the-less similar and a wonderful basis for lifting barriers to universal and communal celebration.

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