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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sound Elephant Trumpets

“What a wonderful animal the elephant is,
communal and constant, with loyal willingness to give,
and those elephant youngsters are actually quite capricious,
but this is really just natural baby sweetness.
And, within the herd, there is always an aunt,
in the event that a baby's mother just simply can’t
attend to watching her new baby off spring,
in which case, a 'surrogate' steps in with infant watching.
Thus, when each mother needs to bathe herself,
another elephant puts its own needs upon the shelf,
and allows each mother to step up to the plate,
keeping an eye on her baby while she bathes in the lake.
So, each elephant takes over where the other leaves off,
giving every herd member a chance at the trough.
But, most importantly is the elephant’s devotion,
tending its troubled without slightest commotion.
This is committed attention and soulful caring,
which keeps the onlooker fascinatedly staring.
Thus, we note elephant’s intuition to be incredibly noteworthy,
very like humans when on hospital duty.
And, with those massive trunks that elephants have,
they will lift a whole forest, should another be trapped,
and carry one away, between two, can it be saved,
or bury it and then mourn it, if that's the only way.
Elephants have extraordinary instinct and a captivating intelligence,
which is true reason to celebrate them with loud pomp and circumstance.
So let us jubal for elephants with robustness of cheer
and let elephant trumpets ring in vociferous fanfare!” JM

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