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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Bunnies

"Snow bunnies are cute and really quite sweet,
But Snow Bunnies are not at all very neat,
And Snow Bunnies are actually miraculously cunning,
As one sees them hip-pity-hop running,
Through forests and fields,
Gathering tidbits for meals,
And being ever nosy,
As they sniff the wild posies,
‘Cause Snow Bunnies, really, do quite well match,
While, happily, cavorting on a snowy white patch,
Which makes them actually quite difficult to see,
So color protection can certainly be
Advantageous for them against predator inspections
Of foxes, wolves, and hoot owl collections,
And Snow Bunnies are high in the family sort of way,
With brothers and sisters for play every day,
As Snow Bunnies have bushels…and bushels…and bushels…of children,
More than ever would be thought by you in a million,
So that is why Snow Bunnies are not very neat,
‘Cause there are just too many little bunny feet
Scampering around in the small bunny hut,
Driving their mother understandably ‘nuts,’
With all of those things that little bunnies crave,
But the discipline is strong, so those bunnies behave.” JM

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