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Friday, October 03, 2008

Allow for Public Enjoyment

Don't EXHAUST your public with too much. All audiences need and want the chance to show appreciation, which is part of the whole experience (whatever metier). You do yourself and the public a disservice if you rob them of the RELEASE in showing pleasure. A lack of consideration here is unnecessary and can be a NEGATIVE if not thought through. Time your program, once you get into deciding what you want to have in it, and, if you’re doing a 50 minute CLASSICAL program, without intermission, or an hour “SET”, using the example of the JAZZ world, you still need to build an ARC in your program, with the ingredients (the menu) you have designed, creating: a beginning, a middle, and a close to YOUR event. This format is the first step in easing the public into ENJOYMENT of your event. Let them!

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