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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Moose are Great Deer

"Moose are big and really great deer,
And the males all wear a large headdress gear,
With antlers so huge and grand in their size,
That Moose do not even think to try to disguise
Their presence or why to appear they decide,
So they trumpet a very loud announcement noise,
A cow calling of sorts, though in volume less of poise,
Informing all females of just why they are about,
For it is wives for which they are on the lookout,
And upon those large antlers grows a mild covering skin,
Which over time dries and becomes rather thin,
So a Moose rubs it upon the occasional tree
And it does not take long before he is completely free,
And the shredded skin drops off in big sheets,
Falling to the ground and about the Moose’ feet,
And then he feels all mature and grown up,
Appearing to the world with a puff and a strut,
Showing himself with statuesque aplomb,
Wondering which females would be ready for ‘fun,’
And meanwhile he grazes the lakes of thick foliage there
Until he confronts a fierce and really large bear
And then he turns tail and runs for protection,
Hoping the forest will deter bear inspection,
And he can cover himself until the bear loses scent,
Unless the huge bear is on huge hunger bent,
In which case it will be a competition in running,
And those bears are fast and really most cunning,
So, with all the Moose grandeur, he does need to learn,
That a meek verses strong presence is important to discern.” JM

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