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Friday, September 19, 2008

Smooth Pigs

“Potbelly Pigs are kind and most clever,
But no one ever pays them such a mind, no never,
Cause they like to lie around in the barnyard mud,
Being of skin type recommending that they should,
And their strands of coarse and very straight hair,
Also protect from the sun’s potent glare,
And their sachet-walk is at a tempo rather slow,
What with their bellies near the ground, down there low,
Though they really can cavort incredibly quickly,
Just that fast moving makes them toxic and sickly,
So they tend to lie 'round in the barnyard there,
Shading themselves from the sun’s harmful glare,
But, oh, they yearn for compassion and half a 'snappy' chance,
And then they'll stand right up and show you a festive dance,
While they sweep and sway, with hips like a Mambo,
You see the smooth footwork of a dance like the Tango.” JM

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