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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Composer Gottfried von Einem's Slant

Gottfried von Einem, one of Austria's great composers, and from whom I sang three song cycles and World Premieres-with the renown accompanist Erik Werba and also the Vienna Symphony-had an interesting slant on Lieder and Lieder singing:

Einem’s thinking about songs was of interest, in that he felt that songs were the most tender of pictures-whatever their mood or color-in which the human voice would navigate the mood coloration and technical delivery of the composition. Einem felt that the centered relaxation and the guiding of a singer's breath were paramount to all great song delivery, and to that of all great recital singers. He felt an utmost hunger for word meaning and the colors of meaning were a necessity to song and to recital singers, and that an accomplished song was like a “picture with eternal grace.”

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