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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Met Opera Guild's May 1 Gourmet Recitalist

Sunday, May 1, the Met Opera Guild's Masterly Singing Series featured three very talented singers in a Recital Master Class with Master Teacher & M.C. Jane Marsh
Claire Coolen - Soprano
Amber Smoke - Mezzo
Elizabeth Beers Kataria - Soprano
Congratulations to the singers, who honored seven elegant and eclectic composers, who are featured composers in the Metropolitan Opera's 2010/11 Season.
“Cooking up” a recital program is like planning a dinner party menu for CONNOISSEURS. You want a menu (a program) that not only appeases the sophistication of your guests’ tastes (your public), but also accentuates you-requiring accoutrements, décor, ambiance ingredients, theatrics, and proportion, all of which make up an individual and appropriate “look” for you and the particular occasion. Our “look” for THE GOURMET RECITALIST PROGRAM was an exposé of three singers in a potpourri of elegant, diverse and vocally showcased songs, from seven of this and next season’s Met Opera roster composers, creating the necessary SINGLE GROUP INGREDIENTS on which to build an entire recital program.

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