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Monday, December 27, 2010

Goosed Holidays

“Geese are noisy and very petulant.
Forcing their voices, they are most persistent,
With spreading the latest in barnyard talk,
And they do it, endlessly, with a tiresome squawk.
Creating a tumultuous atmosphere there,
Geese fuss around with fracas and flare.
Scurrying turbulently, the whole family in tow,
Geese are always putting on a commotion show,
And, all the while, just voicing 'goosed' opinions,
As to who should do 'what a’ and in ‘which a’ dominion?
It is surely none of their business really,
As the farmer is master in decision dealings,
But it does add spice to the barnyard life,
As no other animal offers such unswerving strife,
So Geese are the busy bodies in the crowd
And they even squawk HAPPY HOLIDAYS hefty and loud”. JM

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