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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Recital Program is like a Dinner Menu

You want a menu (a program) that not only appeases the sophistication of your guests’ tastes (your public), but also accentuates YOU-requiring accoutrements, décor, ambiance ingredients, theatrics, and proportion. Plan according to what your guests (your public) can comprehend, tolerate and digest, while keeping in mind that you are constantly educating and building inexperienced guests (publics) and challenging those with experience. Esteem your originality and know the rules, so you can bend them to showcase YOU! Figuratively speaking, starting with Dessert is not out of the question, if this can work for YOU, but Dessert could be an Encore. If YOUR Dessert is an Encore, give substantial thought, as this is your public’s (guests’) last chance to show appreciation and make your event a party!

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