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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eye on Your Whole Goal

There’s something about spending time doing the menial and mundane that give some people a sense of prideful accomplishment and others a sense of wild frustration. Simply, there are some people who feel enormous pride and accomplishment in detail and putting one step dutifully in front of the other; there are no surprises here, just earthbound progress and “steady as she goes.” For “creative personalities,” this is everything non creative. For “creative personalities,” unforeseen and abrupt changes are those things that call for impromptu and creative energy charges, one-on-one focus, and improvised adjustment. For these people, this is the spice of life. "Steady as she goes" is a bore!
Surely ego plays a role in this wild frustration, too. A creative, as well as a leader-type, personality, does not like being talked down to, at all. He or she feels above menial and mundane, as it were. However, if he or she would look at the discipline-stretch being offered (the universal picture), he or she might find some long-term value in the learning opportunity at hand. It is quite necessarily real that a creative leader, when leading, know a whole operation-small bolts to the engine-, so he's on top of his game all of the time. He is being offered a valuable and usable learning opportunity in this menial small stuff, if he would take the time to see things past his ego and frustration. It’s all a school for understanding a whole project-for the bigger and better to come. So, he would be wise to keep his eye on his whole goal, while learning the steps of all the categories surrounding that of the leading post. The essence of all things has menial and global parts. There's always another, more positive, and productive way to perceive, and experience, everything. Otherwise, life would continually make our teeth itch and each day would be like mountain climbing over molehills. In fact, it's all a wonderful adventure, but one needs to take the responsibility of viewing things positively.

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