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Monday, July 28, 2008

Envy Zaps & Fear is a Paralysis of Misconception

If an envious being would disregard his fears of not possessing that certain "something" he feels so imperative to his life-heroicness, and realize that another may have crossed his path to be the very mirror he needs into himself, he might abandon his fears and his misuse of valuable energy and kneel into the knowledge that he is as individually special, in his fashion, as another in his or hers.
Every child is born with the same equipment proportioned differently. We all have something of everything. Envy zaps unnecessary spiritual energy and fear is a paralysis of misconception!
That paralysis hindering one into lethargy is a high sign and stepping stone to accomplishment. If one wants athletics in his or her life, for example, but is frozen with underlying fear, then the desire needs to be greater than the fear. This hurdle is school to bigger and better. Flying, swimming, horses, among a few precious examples, need overcoming fear. The reward of taking the risk to overcoming this fear can open doors to unlimited release and reward in other areas. It's worth it. You're worth it!

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