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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jane Marsh Interview on YouTube

Documenting my interview with Cable TVs Lina del Tinto is now the presence of a five minute segment, from this hour and a half interview, on the Internet and YouTube. In this segment-interview, I recall my first invitation to sing with the Metropolitan Opera, its having taken me under its wing-so to speak-the thrill of first performing Desdemona in Verdi's Otello, at the Festivale dei due Mondi in Spoleto, Italy, and my view of the importance of languages, among other themes. I repeat my October, 2007 tribute to the late Lina del Tinto below:
"Some people enter our lives with the majestic energy to coax our hearts to blossom and tango…
They beckon us to open our eyes to accept a more magnificent glory.
They remain with us for a while, move us deeply, and then they quietly travel on…
We are forever touched by their magical noblesse…
And, gratefully…we are never ever to be the same." JM

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