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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Talking Ones Walk

One of the great gifts we can give to each other is the example of our own lives working.
Whether this is, as example, standing up to opposition and winning people who are opposed-due to preconception or false information-or whether it is owning up to acknowledging personal failings and flaws, or completing school...Whatever the commitment, it doesn't always have to be smooth sailing or a clean slate to exemplify that things are on track. It is the forward motion of things, the professionalism and integrity behind the process that counts, and, at all cost, being true to oneself, ones talents, abilities, and decisions, however big or small, and the genuine interest in truth for oneself and others. Surmising navigation adjustments, as one proceeds, is part of this process. Calls for a genuine and directly honest look at the speed of the "forward motion" in this whole process, and making adjustments along the way...But, however you view this, walking ones talk is enlightening to oneself and to others, as is talking ones walk.

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