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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Looking for a Voice Teacher

Looking for a Voice Teacher is not a quick fix. You are looking for a partner who understands his/her field and can help you with your needs-just like a DOCTOR, DENTIST OR, if you will, LOVER. And, just so we are clear here, you would make a VERY big mistake if your lover were your voice teacher, so good advice would be, NOT to mix business with pleasure!
If you do not know your needs, then think about your wants, and try to understand what you expect of yourself and the help you need getting there. Have the patience to TRUST-just like with a DOCTOR, DENTIST, LOVER.
Look for someone with QUALIFICATIONS:
+ Training
+ Languages
+ Musical sensitivity,
+ Discipline
+ Past/ present career savvy
+ Someone who has vision & envisions YOUR success PATH & GOALS on the same level as you do, and understands a plan for success. This is NOT an easy order, and the better you know yourself, the easier to know for what/whom you are looking in a voice teacher.

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